At what age should a child start doing what

November 22nd, 2016



Raising a kid efficiently is as tough as giving birth to one, really. If you think your job is done after taking the pain of 9 months of pregnancy, the struggles of labor and the trouble of delivery; then you are wrong. Your job doesn’t end with the entry of your mini-me into this world rather it is an indication for you to get into a new journey, a long roller-coaster ride. So if you are new parents or going to be one soon, keep in mind that this calls for a lot of stuff to handle.

From changing diapers to taking care of them, parents have to be concerned about everything regarding their kids making sure they are safe, sound and healthy. Nothing are more alarming and demanding than health concerns. You have to make sure your kid eats on proper time and in required amount, his habits are not unhealthy, he is responsive and not dull, his sleep cycle is good, his physique and weight is according to the set measures, he is interactive with the surroundings and there is nothing unusual that might put you in a big worry.

In this regard the aspect that always takes a lot of attention from the parents is the right time for their child to start sitting, walking and speaking. Every kid is different than the other one. Some starts walking and try to sit earlier than others while some do it late. The right time for a healthy child to start trying to walk is between 9 months to 12 months. Majority of the kids are walking properly by the age of 14 and 15 months. This is the standard recommended time by health professionals. There is wide age of normal age kids to start walking. Deviation from this set age is seen frequently. Some of the kids start walking by the age of 17 months. Similarly, a child will try to talk by the age of 18 months to 2 years. They do response earlier than this but in an unclear attempt. However, the clear speech is heard in this set age limit. Also, a child attempts to sit by the age of 7 months. Some might try to sit on their own in failed attempts even earlier than this phase.

Since every individual differs from the other, variation must be expected and one should not fret over a delay in their kid’s activity right away as there is always a window for the unusual. However, a prolonged delay in the above-stated activities by the kids as long as that till the age of 6-7 years should worry you and must grab your attention. It is an indication to consult a professional pediatrician, discuss the situation and give all the details about your child in order to exclude any chance of suspected illness, muscle weakness or any other compromise on health.

Remember, parenting is beautiful but with a lot of responsibilities, show patience and enjoy it!

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