Hepatis B Vaccine first dose is given at birth

May 4th, 2017



What is Hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is a liver disease caused by the Hepatitis B virus. It is more common in children from the

Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. Hepatitis B can be of two kinds, chronic and acute. Children who are

infected in early age can develop a chronic state of the disease which can lead to cirrhosis – liver disease

– and liver cancer. It is a viral infection and can get transmitted, however as opposed to the popular

belief the only someone can catch it is through blood, and bodily fluids such as semen.

The symptoms of Hepatitis B are as follows:

 fever

 muscle, joint and stomach aches

 tiredness

 dark urine

 yellow eyes and pale skin

 loss of appetite

 diarrhoea

 nausea and vomiting

Why should My Child get it?

The Hepatitis B vaccine reduces the risk of your child getting infected by the virus considerably. The first

step toward protection is getting your child vaccinated. Infants are at a greater risk of getting the virus

and a majority of people living with the chronic case of Hepatitis B were infected as infants. There are no

serious side-effects of the vaccine. Apart from the pain of the shot and a mild fever, which will dissipate

within a few hours of the shot, your child will not be in any major discomfort.

When shall I get My Child Vaccinated?

Hepatitis B vaccine is given in three doses.

1. The First Dose is administered within the a few hours of birth. If the mother is a Hepatitis B virus

carrier then the child is vaccinated as soon as possible.

2. The Second Dose can be given in between 1 and 3 months of the child.

3. The Third Dose is administered from 6 through 18 months of the child.

In some cases the child might require a fourth dose, for that you can consult your physician.

Make healthy choices for your family and keep an updated vaccine calendar to prevent rather than cure.

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