The hassle of keeping all the memories

November 10th, 2016



After each day at the end, life boils down to all your experiences. You are supposed to have good experiences and you’ll also have some bad experiences but you are a culmination of the things you’ve done and learned – the outcome is always a result of everything combined that you have had to go through. That refers to the fact it is always very important and crucial to keep those memories around so you can enjoy them. Would you rather stay in the moment, live it to its fullest or would you rather want the memories to remain intact as well so when tomorrow, you look at them, you end up smiling? The answer is usually both of them. But keeping all the memories together is a hassle. The human brain is a wonderful creation but it is a bit faulty in remembering every minute detail and event. However, with the advancement of technology it has become easy to track record of all the memories made with the right tools and habits.

What are the best ways to keep memories? How can we save them all without a lot of hassle and enjoy them later?

Let’s take a look at some of the proposed ideas in this regard.

Take Photos!

You don’t need to be a super creative photographer or you must not own a fancy DSLR in order to capture photos and freeze the moments. Just a sharp instinct and a decent camera – and you are there, start clicking and keep saving your precious memories.
As they say, ‘A snapshot keeps a good moment from running away.’

Be Creative!

People go all sorts of crazy in order to show their creativity. You can get your kids a crayon box and a drawing book – the two will help them draw it all and you can keep them safe. You can make them write their favorite memories on wall-hangings, charts, cards or even dinner plates. These ideas might sound funny but when done with interest can help one collect a stash of fun memories that can be called as art as well.

Make Some Vacation Jars!

This is a fun idea and you’ll have decoration pieces by the end as well. If you go camping or just go for some fun party at the beach; start collecting whatever is available there, from seashells to pine needles and pine cones – collect them all, put them in jars with other cute items including a family picture and you have all your memories saved in one place that can serve as a nice center piece on your table as well.

Make Your Own Website!

Today is the era of technology and we like to have everything easy, saved at a single spot. A website sounds the best idea where you can put up your pictures and write your journeys in the fanciest ways.


Nothing feels better than inked words – write them away in journals and keep the memories save.

 Having a record of all the memories is a hassle but the above mentioned ideas will help you manage the entire pile effectively.

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