The Joy of having a child

November 11th, 2016



What is it like to have a child in your life? Is it sleepless nights, draining bank accounts and compromising work or is it one of the most amazing experiences? Defining what it is like to have children in your life is never easy. It is a rollercoaster of emotions, responsibilities and happiness. The eccentric feeling of being parents is not when you hold your child in your arms for the first time but it begins with a doctor announcing that a little bundle of joy is nurturing inside the woman’s womb. How blessed a couple will feel!

The idea of having a child sends parents in a world of tranquility. They spend days and nights thinking about the one about to enter their life. They begin with choosing a name –which doesn’t end at least till the delivery is due –and went on and on about what will be the first word of their child, how will their first birthday be celebrated, which school will he go to, and the list goes on. Parents and grandparents spend hours in shopping for the little bundle of joy. A nursery is renovated, a cradle is placed in the middle of the room, a wall is painted, and a closet is set. All wait for the time to fly and the entrance of a little angel in their life.

The day arrives when finally you take your child in your arms. Their soft cries are like romantic ballads to ears.Having a child make you forget about all your worries. There’s nothing in the world as magical as the warmth of a child’s body. There’s nothing in the world as comforting as the smile of your little baby. There’s no gift as precious as a child –a Nature’s way of telling you how blessed you are.

Having a child completely transforms you. You are no longer a shy person. You are courageous. There’s nothing in this world you wouldn’t face in order to keep your child happy and smiling. Childbirth turns a couple stronger. Life difficulties and hardships dissipate when you know that your hard work is for the good of your child. Children are the biggest blessing for every couple. They are the coolness of their parents’ eyes. They are a wave of freshness and joy. The love shared by parents and children wipe away all fears of having a child. Responsibilities become manageable when you are greeted with your children’s happy faces.

A child brings sense of purpose to your life. It tells you how and where your time should be spent. It helps you in setting priorities in life. Children bring immense amount of joy and laughter in your life. Their innocence helps you to fight the monsters within yourself. Granted you will have few bad days. There will be a time when you will be drowning under a heap of responsibilities. Maybe, it will seem like you cannot manage anything at all. However, one fine look at your baby will wipe away all your worries.

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